Monday, October 8, 2007

September Artwalk

What a great Artwalk! In spite of the rain earlier in the day, or should I say week, the event was very well attended. This month I had the great fortune to show my work as the featured artist at TTV Architects on Forsyth Street. CSX was there promoting safety around railroad crossings. Did you know that it takes a train traveling at 55 mph a full mile to come to a complete stop? Neither did I, but the folks from CSX did a great job delivering the message and though many came in just to get the sticker so they could collect the prize at the Florida Theater, most took the time to review my work. It was well received and will remain on display for the remainder of the month. New work was also hanging at The Art Center Cooperative at 31 W. Adams Street.

Many Thanks to Lori Orton and Tri Vu for hosting the show! If you haven't been to TTV Architects for Artwalk, make a point of it next month. They have an awesome building and art work really looks great there.

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