Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Thoughts

Everywhere I look there are signs of the holiday season. Although the glitz and sparkle is attractive and festive, it overpowers the true reason for celebrating at this time of year. All of us are crazy busy running around spending money that we will regret spending once the new year rolls around.

Today after standing in line for what seemed like forever, the young couple in front of me had finally handed the last item in their cart to the clerk. Much to their embarassment, their check was not accepted and all of their Christmas was taken back. It made me stop and think, first how would they provide gifts for their children. Then I felt a sadness for our world that has become so commercialized and material, that unless we can shower our children and others with gifts that will soon be dismissed, we are made to feel less than adequate.

I had met an elderly lady at the Art Factory in Orlando last week who told me her Senior Center had made an old-fashioned Christmas tree. All the ornaments had been hand-crafted from materials like popcorn, construction paper, fabric and so on. She said, “you know, we couldn't just go out and buy ornaments like you do now”. Maybe we should all take time to craft a few gifts and ornaments and bring back some of the personality of just being and enjoying one another without all the monetary pressure. After all, can you remember what you bought last holiday? Or what you received? What will remain long after the store-bought items will be the love and time spent together with family and friends.

So, no matter whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hannuka, Kwanza or some other religious holiday this month, take time to consider the true meaning, not just the commercialized version.

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