Saturday, June 2, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to the blogspot for Ads & Art, the online presence for the graphic design and fine art of Linda F. Hawkins. In one way or another I have been an artist from the very first time I held a crayon in my hand. I got into Advertising and Graphic Design because I couldn't imagine myself working in a job that did not permit me to be creative. I have had the opportunity to work at small graphic design firms, medium sized agencies, magazine publishers, printers and Fortune 50 corporations. And while each one has their unique qualities, it is the act of creating that has kept me working in the field of advertising design this past 34 years.

The act of creating something from nothing is an amazing and frustrating thing. Some days it comes so easily and on others there is absolutely nothing in the well. I have often asked myself why in the world would anyone want to put themselves on the spot like that. The answer is always the same—because it feels so good to stand back and look at what has come from your mind out through your hands and onto the page. Some days it is so amazing that I have not doubts that there is a higher power.

We who create, whether it is with paint, computer, music or the written word, often find ourselves scraping the bottom of the well, wondering if we will ever have another good idea again. Fortunately, the world is such an interesting place and full of such interesting people and places to visit that it is easy to fill the well again. It is soooo important to take the time to do that, even though we may find it a challenge with our hectic lives and jobs. I am all for taking what I call a mental health day if necessary just to make certain that happens. All the work and responsibilities are still there a day later, so what is the harm?

I hope you will visit my spot often and that my musings will inspire you or at the very least let you know that you are never alone. That there are so many creatives in the world who all have struggled, who all have been high on life, who have doubted and who have known in an instance that this is the life they were meant to live.

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