Thursday, April 3, 2008

Check it out! As a member of the Art Center Cooperative, I participated in a collaborative painting project that has brought quite a bit of attention to the gallery and its artists during this month's Downtown Jacksonville's Art Walk. The project came about as we (the members of the Art Center Cooperative) were planning how we could participate with MOCA of Jacksonville's Annual Mosaic Event, which is normally held in April, but was pushed back until September this year. I suggested we take a photo and divide it into sections then have our artists paint their particular section, then we would put it back together as one image.

I first tried this technique as a workshop participant at The Hilton Head Art League in Hilton Head Island, SC, and found it to be an amazing experience. I have continued to use this process when teaching art to children. By beginning a class with this project I am able to show children that all of us are unique and so is our creative expression. The children are always amazed to see that even though their work does not look like the others, it still fits and is an important part of the whole picture. It really frees them up and lets them be themselves without the concerns of whether it is right or wrong or as good as the rest of the class.


"Downtown Jacksonville Gets International Recognition."

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TammyVitale said...

wow - this is an AWESOME idea! I think I'll have to share it with some folks around here (here being Southern Maryland...and it won't be blue herons - we could already do a mosaic of them!)